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What Temperature Should I Leave the House for My Pet?

July 22, 2021 | Blog

Just like you, your pets prefer a certain temperature to feel the most comfortable. Although the temperature might not be as specific as the one you have in mind, it matters to the animals, too. Different kinds of animals are made for different kinds of temperatures for their health. Summertime temperatures have an even greater impact on the temperature your thermostat needs to be set at. Today, we’ll cover a few of the common household pets and what their appropriate house temperatures should be. 


Some dogs have shaggy coats that keep them warm in the winter, but the summertime is when that shaggy coat needs to be paid attention to. For dogs, the inside temperature of your home should be about what you are used to. Somewhere between 75 degrees and 78 degrees will be the most comfortable for them. We recommend that you never leave the thermostat set higher than 82 degrees for your dog. During the winter months, it is beneficial to keep your thermostat set somewhere between 68 degrees and 72 degrees. Never let it fall below 60 degrees when you’re gone. You can help to keep your dog warm by leaving an extra blanket out or a warm bed for them to go to. 


Cats are known to be able to tolerate a little bit warmer temperatures than dogs can. Ideally, it is best for the cat to have the thermostat set somewhere between 65 degrees and 75 degrees. Cats have a lower risk of hypothermia, so you are safer to set your house to a colder temperature for your cats while you’re gone. 


Considering that most birds that can be kept as pets usually come from tropical locations, they are not able to tolerate cooler temperatures at home. For pet birds, temperatures between 65 degrees and 85 degrees are best. If birds are too cold, they will fluff up their feathers and tuck down into them to block out the cold air, telling you that you should adjust the thermostat. There are a few kinds of birds that just take naps that way, so sometimes it can be hard to tell if they are cold or if they are napping. If you’re not sure, just check to make sure your bird is not in any direct path of air being blown into the room.


Having a reptile as a pet is where temperatures begin to get a little bit tricky. Animals like tortoises and aquatic turtles need a range of temperatures for their habitats that range from 65 degrees to 85 degrees. They also require a space where they can bask in temperatures that reach up to 105 degrees. That is why you usually see some sort of heat lamp in reptile tanks. When it comes to animals like snakes and iguanas, their tanks are typically kept warmer. 

Do the Research

If you’re looking for more specific information for your pet, or you have an uncommon pet not mentioned above, take the time to research to learn what the best ac conditions are for your pet. For any assistance with ac repair, maintenance or installation, contact the professionals from the Air Clinic DFW team. We’re ready to help you as soon as we can! Contact us today!

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