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Keeping North Texas Allergens Out Of Your Home

Did you know that Dallas is ranked as one of the worst cities for seasonal allergies in the entire nation? That’s a lot of sneezes and coughs we’re facing throughout the year. If only there were a way to keep our homes shielded from the allergy symptoms of the season!

When you work with Air Clinic, there are several ways to reduce the effects of allergens in the air. Whether you’re looking for the best air purifier or allergen solutions, our team of experts can help you. 

Seasonal Allergies In North Texas

If you have seasonal allergies, you’re aware of what exactly is in the air! But Dallas has different allergens year-round, and it can help to know what you’re fighting against during each season — if only to let you know when to have tissues on hand!

Tree Pollen

From February to June, several kinds of trees release pollen into the air. If you know of any nearby ash, elm, pine, oak, pecan, hickory, poplar or walnut trees, you might exhibit symptoms during the spring. 

Grass Pollen

March to September overlaps and means the peak of allergy season. All those summertime parties require lawns to be mowed, which spreads grass pollen through the air. Wild grasses also play a big role in grass allergies. 


Although natural mold is present for the entire year, it tends to peak in July. Texas doesn’t typically get cold enough to control the growth of mold, but mold thrives on warmth and humidity. That’s why mid-summer is the worst time for mold growth.


As we approach the Texas fall months, August to November, prepare for ragweed. One ragweed plant can release a billion seeds of pollen, and the pollen can travel for hundreds of miles.

Mountain Cedar

Though Texas winters claim less intense allergies, mountain cedar still plagues us. The mountain cedar tree, or Ashe juniper, holds the spot for the highest pollen count of any pollinating plant in Texas.

Living In “The Pollen Belt”

With so many different seasonal allergies to fight off, how will we ever get rid of the sniffles and sneezes throughout the year? The best way to stay healthy in the pollen belt of America is to stay ahead of the allergens in your air. 

  • IAQ Test — Dallas/Fort Worth indoor air quality testing is your best bet to identifying and pinpointing the problematic particles floating in your home. 
  • Clean Air Filters — Set your reminders to check, clean or change your AC filters often during high allergy seasons.
  • Cleaning Habits — Implement some habits in your home to limit the amount of pollen that gets into your air. Take off your shoes at the door, vacuum often and keep doors and windows closed.
  • Portable Purifiers — If you or your children suffer during a specific season, consider a purifier for an individual room to help clear the lungs at home.
  • Whole-Home Filtration — If your entire household suffers from seasonal allergies, consider investing in a whole-home filtration system that will filter all the air in your home!

Call Your Fellow Allergy Warriors!

When it comes to our infamous North Texas allergies, we need to stick together! With your home knowledge and our IAQ solutions, we’re bound to ward off some of those invading pollen particles. You just have to give us a call!

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