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How To Fight Mold In Your Home

It’s a tale as old as time: you find spots of mold in your home and instantly your health comes into question. The high levels of humidity in Texas put our homes at extra risk of mold growth. While mold might be a common occurrence in Texas homes, it’s not one you want to get used to.

Air Clinic has the best Dallas/Fort Worth mold removal tips to handle your mold effectively. Plus, we want you to know the best air filtration solutions to keep your exposure to mold spores at a minimum!

Health Risks of Mold

While mold may seem like a small concern, it poses some serious health benefits — especially after long-term exposure. Some people exposed to mold spores may experience cold symptoms, eye irritation, rashes or sore throats. Because these symptoms are so common, it’s important to stay vigilant about the real cause of illness. 

For members of your household who have respiratory vulnerability already, the milder symptoms of mold exposure may evolve into lung infections or exacerbation of previous conditions. Even conditions as common as asthma can become dire when combined with mold exposure.

Cleaning Mold In Your Home

Your first concern should be to eliminate the presence of all mold spores in the affected area. Whether you have some small spots or a large area of growth, leaving one spore in your home allows the entire mass to grow back. If mold is growing on a hard surface in your home, you can clean it with one of the following solutions:

  • Water and soap
  • Bleach solution

Cleaning With Bleach

If you decide to clean with bleach, you should use no more than 1 cup of bleach for every gallon of water. Bleach is a potentially dangerous chemical to work with, so remember these safety tips:

  • Never mix bleach with other household cleaners. It produces a poisonous gas!
  • Ventilate the area during use
  • Wear protective clothing, gloves and eye protection

If mold has taken hold inside the HVAC system — including the air ducts — you may need to have a professional take care of the issue. Mold in your airways will continue to spread dangerous spores into your home until every spore is eliminated. 

Preventing Mold Growth In Your Home

The best situation for your home is to avoid the growth of mold in the first place. Mold thrives on moisture, so looking out for excess moisture and water is your primary concern. Other ways to limit mold from invading your home include:

  • Check for and fix any roof leaks to prevent the accumulation of water
  • Fully dry your home within 24-48 hours after a flood
  • Replace carpets or upholstery that can’t dry quickly (especially in bathrooms or kitchens)
  • Clean your bathrooms with mold-killing cleaning products
  • Promote good airflow throughout your home with vents and fans
  • Keep the humidity in your home below 50% as much of the time as possible

Our Team Takes Ahold of Mold

We take your health seriously. That’s why we recommend the best mold-killing solutions for you and your home. Make your home a relaxing place with pure air in no time by working with the expert IAQ team at Air Clinic. We’re just a call away!

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