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6 Ways To Have Clean Air & Happy Pets

While our pets are important additions to our families and provide endless joy and companionship, they also reduce indoor air quality. It’s not their fault that they have so much fur and dander, but you still need to be aware of the Dallas/Fort Worth indoor air quality solutions available to you. Clean air means a happy and healthy home!

Air Clinic is familiar with those mysterious indoor allergy symptoms, and we can help you resolve your pet-friendly IAQ concerns. From professional services and products to DIY clean air habits, your home will feel comfortable and safe for all members of your family.

IAQ Testing

HVAC contractors can offer you a comprehensive air quality test to identify the most irritating particles in your home. If you worry that pet dander is causing respiratory irritation in your home, it’s important that you find out for sure. The only way to find an effective solution to your IAQ concerns is to target the right allergens. Whether the test results confirm your dander suspicion or point to pollen or dust as the culprit, you will be able to move forward with choosing the best air cleaning solution for your home. 

Air Purification Systems

The easiest form of air filtration to access yourself is portable air purifiers. These small filters successfully reduce the number of contaminants in your air, but they are limited to the room they are placed in and can be overwhelmed by the volume of air moving through the space. The other option is a whole-home air filtration system attached to your existing HVAC network. All the air that is circulated throughout your home will be sent through the filter, ensuring every breath you take is cleaner. 

Frequent Vacuuming

We know you keep your home as tidy as you need to, but pet fur has a tendency to shed in copious amounts. When fur settles on your furniture or in the carpets and rugs on your floor, it can stick there for weeks. Every step onto the carpet or well-earned rest on your couch releases particles of dander into the air you breathe. The best way to combat the buildup of fur is vacuuming often. If you can remove most of the fur resting on surfaces around your home, it is less likely to irritate your sinuses and lungs. 

Pet Grooming

Not all animals require the same amount of grooming, but we know for sure that grooming helps control unwanted fur in your home. If your pet needs to be professionally cut or groomed, make sure you have a regular schedule set up for them. If your pet sheds or you groom them yourself, set yourself a reminder to pull out that brush! Not only will you know exactly where to vacuum afterward, but brushing cat and dog fur is fantastic for their health. Their coats need care — especially during seasonal transitions — to stay healthy. 

Check Your Air Filters

Another side effect of fur and hair in the air is clogged air filters. We generally recommend checking or replacing your AC air filter every 3 months. If you have pets who are especially furry, you may need to assess your filters more often. Fur is typically much large than the typical particles of dust and dirt that your filter is used to removing from the air. This means that the fur will take up more space, and clog the filter quicker. Once the filter has a layer of fur on it, all the air flowing past is less and less filtered. Plus, some of the furs in the filter can become dislodged and reenter the breathing air in your home!

Count On Your Animal Lover Technicians!

Our team is very familiar with all kinds of furry family members. If you want everyone in your home to start breathing deeper, let us help you make your air pristine. Contact our team at Air Clinic today to get started!

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