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Pros and Cons of Ductless AC

The first question you’re probably asking yourself is how are ductless air conditioners better than traditional ones? Your AC performance hasn’t been terrible, so do you really need to change systems?

Air Clinic DFW is here to tell you, no. You don’t have to invest in a mini-split air conditioner to have satisfactory heating and cooling. However, as the top provider of Dallas/Fort Worth ductless services, we can tell you how a ductless air conditioner compares to traditional HVAC systems! You might be surprised by the results!


Ductwork is responsible for a large amount of air and energy loss in HVAC systems due to tiny leaks and temperature loss. No matter how hard your unit is working, the ducts are notorious for wasting air or delivering air that is not the same temperature when it was conditioned. 


Ductless air conditioners are inherently designed to be more efficient than their traditional counterparts because of the lack of ducts. Without ducts to affect the air’s quality on its way to your home, your ductless AC can use less energy to regulate your home. The air that is chilled or heated in the outdoor unit is the exact air that is pumped from the air handler on the wall. Less energy usage, less energy waste and less money owed on your monthly bill!



One of the biggest differences between ductless and ducted AC systems is the location of the air handler. Traditionally, the air handler is located in the attic or a basement where it connects to the ducts. Ductless air handlers are installed inside your living space on the wall. For some people, this might be a negative aspect since there is the possibility that the air handler disrupts your interior design. 



However, ductless AC manufacturers offer multiple colors and designs to help your unit match your wall color and your trim! That kind of flexibility is certainly worth thinking about before you discount going ductless.



As always, your budget is a huge part of your decision. The most expensive part of a traditional HVAC installation is laying the ductwork. While you save money on that when purchasing a ductless unit, the upfront expense is still substantial — especially if you have existing ductwork you decide not to use! 


The real savings is from operational expenses. Having extensive ductwork means there are many more places for potential repairs to occur. Ductless ACs are less vulnerable to breakdown and are proven to require fewer repairs over time.


Another great reason to compare the two systems is to evaluate if your home is reaching the level of comfort you desire. Whether you don’t feel cool enough in the summer or your home is chilly in the winter, your AC shouldn’t be failing you and causing discomfort. 

While there are plenty of traditional AC systems that provide adequate heating and cooling, there is a higher chance that the involvement of ducts will affect your home’s temperature. If you want to be able to receive prompt, precise temperatures in your home, relying on a ductless air conditioner could be the right choice for you.

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