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How To Make Your Home More Efficient For A Blackout [Dallas/Fort Worth Edition]

We all know how hard our air conditioners work during the summer to keep our homes a cool oasis from the searing heat outside. We have a hard time even imagining what we would do without the consistent replacement of cool air, but we might not have a choice. The chance of summer blackouts in Texas is rising, and that’s not even considering the severe storms that could blow through our area.

Whether you are concerned about unexpected losses of power or city controlled brownouts, your home may lose power this summer. If you want to stay safe and comfortable until your electricity is restored, take a few of Air Clinic DFW’s tips and tricks into consideration. They may not keep you as chilly as your trusty AC, but they will make your home more efficient in the meantime.

4 Ways To Keep Your Home Cooler Without Power

The key to several hours or several days without power is circulation and reduced heat production. Preparing your home with just one of the following recommendations can do wonders for your slowly heating home.

Cover Your Windows

As soon as your power goes out, your biggest enemy is sunlight. Without the cool air pumping from your vents, sunlight can quickly warm the air trapped in your home. To avoid this, consider investing in window coverings — specifically for your larger windows. Curtains, blinds and screens are great options, but you can even hang sheets over the windows if you have no other option.

If you want to think even further ahead, consider the benefits of shade on your windows. Planting trees or installing window awnings could be a great advantage for your home’s efficiency all year round, but they will also help keep your indoor temperature lower during a blackout.

Ventilate Your Attic

The number one rule to remember about hot air is it rises. Your attic will collect heat very quickly, and the heat doesn’t stay up there. If the temperatures in your attic space rise enough, the heat can start seeping into your living areas. During a blackout, any heat warming the air inside is a bad thing. You should make sure that your attic has proper ventilation processes in place so that your home can weather the blackout more efficiently. Fans and ventilation openings are great places to start, promoting circulation of hot air and a more comfortable home.

Seal Your Home

The precious cool air that is trapped in your home at the beginning of a blackout needs to be kept inside at all costs. Unfortunately, air leaks in your home can be responsible for massive amounts of energy loss — even on a good day! Try to prevent your air from escaping by using caulk to seal your windows cracks and weather stripping for your doors. By sealing these paths, more of your cool air will remain inside where you can benefit from it.

Make A DIY Air Conditioner

Depending on your situation, you could make the power outage a lot more comfortable by making a DIY AC. Originally designed to have a fan blow air over ice, DIY ACs these days can be made more intricately. You can use a battery or solar battery to power a small cooling system that keeps a room at lower temperatures. If you feel handy enough to research how to make one of these portable, battery-powered ACs, you may be grateful for it during a blackout. 

Is Your AC Running Normally After A Power Outage?

Since your AC is powered by electricity, surges can cause them damage. After power is restored to your home, check out your AC. If you notice it is not cooling as effectively or won’t turn on, you’ll need the trusted team at Air Clinic DFW. We can make sure your unit has no lasting damage and can begin giving your home some much needed cool air. Contact us today for more alternative cooling methods or for dependable AC repairs!

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