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6 Ways To Stay Cool Without AC: Surviving A Texas Summer Blackout

July 8, 2021 | Blog

With the threat of summer blackouts hanging over our Texas cities, we have to be more prepared than ever to face a hot day without AC. If your home is as prepared as it can be to face a blackout, what else can you do to keep your air cool until electricity returns?

Luckily, the best brains in the industry are on it! Air Clinic DFW has some clever tricks to cool yourself and your air while you wait for power to come back to your home. You may never feel as comfortable as your dependable AC makes you, but you can certainly make it through a blackout without being completely miserable!

Cooling Yourself Down During A Blackout

While you are weathering your power outage, always remember that you can easily get heat stroke or become dehydrated — even inside. The rising temperatures of your home will make your body feel warmer, so you need to do some things to help your body regulate the temperature change.

  • Change Into Light Clothes — If you haven’t already changed because you are hot, make sure you shed any extra layers of clothing. Your body needs to be exposed to air so that your sweat is wicked away and can cool your skin.
  • Use Water — Keeping in mind that you need to preserve your water supply for drinking, use extra water to cool yourself. You can soak your feet or hair to make your body cool down or just mist yourself every now and then with a water bottle. Some people with access to their showers even recommend taking a cold shower to lower your body temperature.
  • Stay Hydrated — If you can stock up on drinkable water before a power outage, you should do so. Each person in your household should have access to one gallon of water per day to stay healthy. Plus, drinking water helps your body replenish sweat and function best as it struggles to keep you cool.

Alternative Cooling Methods

Besides regulating your own temperature, you can try to keep your air cooling slightly instead of letting it warm more and more over time. Most of these ideas do not require much effort and can be completed with regular household items.

  • Battery Powered Fans — If you do not have a couple of fans that run on batteries, you should consider purchasing some. They are an inexpensive investment that can be used in many situations beyond power outages, but they are especially helpful when you feel weighed down by heat in your home. 
  • Damp Sheets — When air moves past anything wet, it is cooled by the water. This is why your skin feels cooler when air moves past it — your seat is being wicked away and leaves your skin cooler. The same process happens when wet materials are combined with air movement. Try soaking extra sheets and hanging them in your living space. The air movement — as little as it may feel — will be cooled by the moist sheets. You may not notice a big drop in temperature, but every degree counts when your power is off!
  • Contain The Cool Air — The outer walls on your home are exposed to sunlight, so they will warm faster than interior walls. If you have rooms that have no exterior walls, they will stay cool for longer. Try closing the doors to rooms with exterior walls to limit the transfer of heat into other rooms.

AC Repairs After A Blackout

Power surges that knock out electricity to your home can easily overload your air conditioner. Keep an eye on your AC’s performance after your power is restored in case it needs professional attention from the Air Clinic DFW team. We’re ready to come help you as soon as we can! Contact us today for all your AC repair and blackout preparation needs!

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